28 Socially Conscious Companies You Likely Didn't Know About

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When you purchase from these socially mindful companies, you also give!

Companies embracing social responsibility has been on the rise. Shouldn't businesses exist for more than making money? 

We searched for companies that put their money where their mouths are when it comes to being socially aware and active! 

These socially mindful corporations offer merchandise in an array of categories! We’ve rounded up 28 great businesses with amazing products and respected missions! 



28  Socially Conscious Companies You Likely Didn't Know About Bombas Giving Back Get 20% Off Your First Order With Code COMFORT20

We are super fans of comfy socks, and Bombas has the comfiest! They have spent years perfecting their designs to bring you the most amazing feeling socks for your tired feet. 

And what's more? For each item you purchase for yourself, they donate an item to someone affected by homelessness. Now that's how we all ought to BEE! 

Get your first order with an awesome 20% OFF using Code: COMFORT20

Buzz by their site for the best socks!


Mitscoots has all the outfits to help you look as stylish as ever!

And how do they pay it forward? Whatever item you purchase, that same item will be donated to somebody in need.

Oh, and it's given on your behalf!

So choose something nice to give something nice!

Check them out at https://www.mitscoots.com

Out of Print

Socially Conscious Companies

Anything you can print on, this store has got you covered!

We absolutely love their “This is How We Roll” shirt.

For every item purchased, Out of Print donates books to “Books for Africa

Talk about a win-win!

Give 'em a gander at https://outofprint.com/

Twice As Warm

You aren't the only one who needs to stay warm this upcoming winter.

For every winter clothing item purchased from Twice as Warm, one is donated to a local shelter.

It’s clear, it’s simple and it's keeping people alive during the frigid months.

Visit their website at https://twiceaswarm.com/


Fashionable scrubs! That is something the world has been begging for a long time now.

Even better, for each pair of scrubs sold, Figs gives a set of scrubs to a healthcare worker in need.

For more info, click here https://www.wearfigs.com/


Ah, the world-renowned tentree. How we love thee so!

With amazing and popular apparel found in stores across North America, tentree takes huge steps towards bettering our environment.

For each product purchased, tentree plants ten trees to help renew our ecosystem.

Keep leading the way, tentree!

Learn more at http://www.tentree.com/


Nashona is a trendy brand that brings African styles from Tanzania to the world market.

A portion from every sale is given to the Shalom Orphanage in Karatu, Tanzania.

Visit http://nashona.com/ for more info!


Panda Sunglasses

Panda has taken the concept of an “eye for an eye” and put it in the best perspective we could ever think of.

For each of their high-quality sunglasses sold, this company donates another pair and an eye exam to someone in need. Talk about generous!

They said it best, they are here to “fill a void in conscious capitalism.”

Check out their sweet shades at https://wearpanda.com/


Yoobi sells all the stationery you or your child needs to be prepared for the school year.

Yoobi is on a mission to help underprivileged students in North America! For every item you purchase from Yoobi, another Yoobi item will be donated to a U.S. classroom in need. 

Good stuff, yoobi.

For more info visit their site https://yoobi.com/


Socially Conscious Companies

WeWood’s watches are truly special. Their wooden crafted watches are each an exquisite work of art.

WeWood has made a pledge to plant a tree for each time-piece sold.

Way to go WeWOOD!

Shop their watches https://us.we-wood.com/

Warby Parker

Warby Parker has an assortment of eyeglasses and sunglasses that you will adore.

Their styles will have you feeling fresh as ever.

To add to all of this, Warby Parker will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair purchased.

Visit their website at https://ca.warbyparker.com/


Nordgreen watches blend a great giving back program with Scandinavian design by the hand of the world-famous Jakob Wager.

Their NGO’s partners cover three causes: health, education, and environment.

By supporting Nordgreen you are just not wearing a consciously designed watch but also contributing to a better world.

Visit them for more info: https://nordgreen.com/


Headbands of Hope

Socially Conscious Companies

Headbands have come into fashion and this company is here to bring it to you with a deep purpose.

At Headbands of Hope, for every item sold, a headband is donated to a child with an illness.

We love that they do this!

Visit their website at https://www.headbandsofhope.com/


Socially Conscious Companies

#Givebackpack. The hashtag that changed it all.

These premium quality backpacks serve two purposes. To allow you to have the highest quality/most stylish backpack and to help underprivileged kids across America.

For each bag purchased, another bag filled with essential needs is is given to underprivileged students.

Visit their website at https://www.statebags.com/


Lauren Bush founded this company 9 years ago during her travels.

She noticed a huge correlation between nutrition levels and academic/economic performance in communities.

Since then she has been on a mission. For every product sold,  there is a number stamp on it that signifies the number of meals or micronutrient packets provided to children in need with the purchase.

For more info, please visit https://www.feedprojects.com/

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon goes far and beyond most socially responsible companies.

They donate 50% of their profits to charity while also on the mission of giving a hat (their signature item) to every child battling cancer in America.

We'll tip our hats to that!

Get your hat at https://www.loveyourmelon.com/

SOLO Eyewear

Have you seen their “Bolivia” styled sunglasses? They are so trendy! We love them.

What’s more important is this company’s mission. By donating 10% of their profits, Solo Eyewear has restored vision to over 13,000 in the world.

Thank you SOLO Eyewear!

Visit them at https://www.soloeyewear.com/

Skyline Socks

Looking to rep your city in fashion? Skyline is the place to go.

For each pair of socks purchased, Skyline will donate another pair to a nonprofit program.

Keep on winning Skyline!

Visit them online at https://skylinesocks.com/

Noonday Collection

Noonday is an ethically curated company that brings beautiful designs from all of the globe.

They bring an income to families and communities from second and third world countries.

We really respect your mission Noonday!

Visit http://www.noondaycollection.com/ for more info.

Baby & Child

Jonas Paul Eyewear

What an incredible story behind this company. After finding that their son was diagnosed with a rare disorder that would permanently affect his vision, Ben and Laura Harrison quit their jobs and set themselves on a mission.

These glasses are designed to make every child feel confident and happy about their appearance.

To add to that, for every purchase, a pair of glasses is given to a child in need!

Thank you Jonas Paul Eyewear

Visit their website at https://jonaspauleyewear.com/

Baby Teresa

Socially Conscious Companies

This company has all the essentials to make your baby happy and looking as cute as ever.

Unfortunately, not every child in the world has the opportunity to get such great items like these.

Thankfully, Baby Teresa has pledged to give one item of clothing for each item bought.

Now, that's making a difference!

Follow them at https://babyteresa.com.au

Everything Happy

As children, we always a single item we just wouldn't let go of. Whether it was a shirt, a blanket, or stuffed animal, it was part of our identity.

Everything Happy understands that not every child has the opportunity to have a personal item and that’s why they are changing that.

For each Happy Blankie or Happy Pal purchased, another gets donated to a child in a hospital or orphanage.

For more info visit http://www.everythinghappy.com/


Roma Boots

They said it best on their website, Roma Boots combines fashion and philanthropy!

When purchased, these trendy boots are given to somebody in need.

Visit https://romaboots.com  for more info and grab a pair!


Everyone knows Toms amazing shoes! Did you know they donate a pair to someone in need with each pair purchased?

What Toms is doing makes a difference in the world and is deserving of respect.

Thank you, Toms!

Grab your pair today at http://www.toms.com/


Project 7

This company sells snacks, water bottles, gum (amazing flavors), and clothing that will have you back for more in a jiffy!

For each product purchased, they make a donation that will benefit the world like fruit trees, digging wells, meals, and providing education.

Pretty cool, right?

Visit their website at https://project7.com/ for more info and tasty treats!

Good Spread

Between amazing tasting peanut butter and fighting for a worthy cause, what's not to love!?

For every jar of peanut butter purchased, the company donates an equivalent amount of food to children in need.

BTW, you've got to check out the squeeze packs!

Visit their website at https://helpgoodspread.com/

Goodio Chocolates

Goodio Chocolates have infused deliciousness , honesty, and transparency into a their amazing chocolate. Their cocoa is ethically sourced from African and South American farms.

Goodio also helps women and children in underprivileged areas gain access to education. You are making the world a better place in big ways with each bar bought.

For more info, check out their website at https://goodiochocolate.com/

This Saves Lives

Got to hand it to them, This Saves Lives are done right. These delicious bars are possibly the best-tasting thing you will eat this year.

And, for each bar you purchase, this company’s non-for-profit partner makes and donates a life-saving packet of food!

Visit their website at https://www.thissaveslives.com for more info!


We hope you enjoyed our article "28 Socially Conscious Companies You Likely Didn't Know About!"

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