How Charity Miles Is Helping Change the World For the Better One Step at a Time

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Download Charity Miles!

There's an app for everything nowadays, isn't there? We have apps for pretty much anything you can imagine and they can be super helpful. We think this is awesome!

One of our favorite apps is called Charity Miles. With this helpful fitness app, you can Walk, Run, or Bike for a cause!

How does it work?

1) First, download the app.

Charity Miles is often featured as one of the top fitness apps available! It's completely free, too!

2) Next, create your account and choose your charity.

Choose from amazing nonprofits such as the ASPCA, WWF, Feeding America, Charity: Water, Wounded Warriors Project, Nothing But Nets, and many more trusted and impactful organizations!

3) Move.

The app lets you track all sorts of movement. From running and walking to biking and dancing. "Be a mover and changemaker in any way that fits your lifestyle."

4) Make a difference!

Charity Miles partners with their corporate sponsorship pool to raise money with each mile you move. Your friends can also sponsor you. Want to learn more? Check out their FAQs here.

5) Know you're moving and becoming healthier while helping others at the same time!


Pretty cool, right?

There really is an app for everything nowadays and we are proud to actively use Charity Miles! Join our team here and start raising money for your favorite charity today! Introduce yourself on Facebook at our FuegoGear Charity Miles Group once you join the team. Feel free to ask any questions!

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