Why Climate Positive?

Here at FuegoGear, we are all about making our planet a better place. And with the growing concerns of global climate change and general environmental challenges, we know everyone can help and that every little thing adds up over time. That's why we partner with Cloverly and are now climate positive! That means we counteract our carbon emissions associated with shipping. Cloverly shares how it works in this video:

At checkout, you have the opportunity to help counteract the carbon emissions created by your order. All you do is select, "add $ for carbon neutral delivery" at checkout. FuegoGear Uses Cloverly to Make Sure All Orders are Carbon Neutral or Even Climate Positive

That would be an example of being carbon neutral. At FuegoGear we take it a step further. Whether you choose to pay the Cloverly charge or not, we make sure carbon costs are covered. What we do is double the Cloverly charge of each order, whether paid by our customers or not, and pay it.

So, if the Cloverly charge of your order was ¢27, you can pay it. If you do, we pay an additional ¢27 to double the impact and to ensure the order is climate positive. If you decide not to pay it, we go ahead and pay ¢54 anyway.

Why? Well, we want to make the world a better place and it's just one of many ways we can help contribute.

From all of us at FuegoGear, we are excited to take this step towards a brighter and cleaner planet for us all to live on and enjoy. We hope you are, too!

Want to check out Cloverly's website? Click here.

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Thanks for shopping with FuegoGear!